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To find inspiration for their new home Ann and Paul Jarmen visited display houses. The Benchmark Homes Lincoln Show Home caught their eye and they decided that was the company they wanted to build with. Within a week Benchmark Homes had arranged for architectural designer Vincent Saunders of Bespoke Architects to visit the site and work with Ann and Paul on what they wanted. Ann says she was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the process was completed. “From go to woe it was just 12 months, we couldn’t believe it,” she says. The couple were converting their family farm from sheep and beef to dairy, so Ann and Paul were immersed in a number of projects during the building process. “It certainly was a busy time,” laughs Ann, “and stressful, but Benchmark Homes made at least one of our building projects easy. Our project manager, Will McLeod, was beyond professional and their processes meant they delivered above and beyond what they promised.”

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