Using technology to make the process easier

When it comes to building, technology has long been influencing materials, construction methods and even project management – with apps such as Builder trend offering real time updates between builder, sub-trades and home owners. And now technology is changing the way we design our homes, with augmented and virtual reality bringing a new dimension to the decision making process. 


Here are Benchmark Homes we are leading the way, setting the Benchmark if you like, with this new technology. It allows our homeowners to really experience what their home is going to be like and make informed decisions around how space will work, interact with one another and ultimately look. 


As the advancement in the technology expanded with certain applications related to the many mobile applications. We have started evolving as the great design-builders in Christchurch. Here at Benchmark homes, we are leading the way of supplying the quality services to our clients. We create the design and build luxury homes in Christchurch for you.

What we offer

  • With any build over $400K we now include a virtual reality scene for your build. We believe this service will benefit you in the decision making process to help you understand what your house will look and feel like.
  • If you want to check out our concepts plans then download our free Augmented Reality app. With this exciting AR technology, we created a smartphone application for our 30 standard concept plans. The app allows you to change materials, colours, sun orientation of a home plan, and enables them to see plans in augmented reality. To download search Benchmark Homes AR on iOS or Andriod. 

Virtual reality is a technology which creates a simulated – computer generated environment. But unlike traditional computer graphics VR places the user inside the experience instead of looking at the experience through a screen. Modern VR technology is able to simulate sight, sound, touch and movement in the virtual world making the experience truly immersive and engaging.


Augmented reality is a technology which superimposes computer generated images on a users view of the real world. Now that may sound like a ‘tech-head’ type of explanation – but believe us when we say that this is a truly exciting piece of technology. AR is all about enhancing the world we live in – you can turn static images into interactive canvases or project critical data and information onto a machine. With AR, the world is your user interface.


Below are a few homes that have been presented in virtual reality to our clients.  To discuss this technology and how you could use it for your new build please contact us.