Seamless Blend of Form and Function: 13 Oakbridge Boulevard

Seamless Blend of Form and Function: 13 Oakbridge Boulevard

Nestled in the quiet charm of Marshland, 13 Oakbridge Boulevard encapsulates the spirit of modern living. This light-field pavilion home stands as a testament contemporary design, seamlessly blending urban aesthetics with the warmth of thoughtful design.

Flush Exterior

The exterior is a canvas of detail, featuring a seamlessly integrated, oblique garage door that contributes to its modern, flush appearance. The black and white pavilion, adorned with cedar slats, adds layers of texture and privacy to the overall design.

Outside In

When walking up to the house, you’re greeted by a glass front door that offers a clear view through the house, creating a visual journey from the outside in. As you step through the door, an expansive picture window overlooking a native fern garden catches your eye, setting the tone for a harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces.

Thoughtful Architectural Layout

This pavilion-style house skillfully marries form and function. The deliberate separation of the living area and bedrooms adds a unique dimension to the architectural layout. On one side, the expansive living area unfolds, distinguished by the captivating presence of scissor trusses that not only provide structural support but also create a remarkable visual statement, adding depth and volume.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the strategically positioned bedrooms offer a private sanctuary. This intentional division not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also optimises the functionality of the space. The pavilion design, coupled with the striking presence of the scissor trusses, transforms this home into a residence where contemporary style meets thoughtful spatial planning, creating a harmonious blend of openness and privacy.

Expansive Living

As you step into the heart of the home, the expansive living area unfolds with an inviting ambiance. Bathed in natural light from strategically placed skylights and adorned with the striking presence of scissor trusses, this space becomes a haven of openness and volume. The scissor trusses contribute to the look and feel, creating a unique architectural statement that elevates the space. Here, the seamless integration of urban aesthetics and thoughtful design principles is evident, making it a gathering place that effortlessly blends style with functionality.

Versatile Media Room

Adjacent to the expansive living area is a separate media room, offering a retreat for moments of leisure and entertainment. This private enclave, strategically placed to balance the vibrant energy of the living area, can be transformed into a private space with the help of a large cab slider. As you enter the room, you're greeted by a spacious window that invites natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. However, the thoughtful design ensures privacy with exterior slats that cut through the window, allowing you to control the balance between openness and seclusion. This dynamic interplay of design elements transforms the media room into a versatile space, adapting seamlessly to your preferences, whether you seek a cosy cocoon for relaxation or an open haven for socialising.

Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen beautifully blends form and function, with an harmonious mix of sleek stainless-steel benchtops, seamlessly integrated appliances, and architecturally illuminated cabinetry. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, creating an atmosphere where contemporary aesthetics meet practical functionality. The kitchen effortlessly transitions into an extensive butler's pantry, an essential addition that enhances workspace and storage without compromising the clean lines and visual appeal of the main kitchen area. This thoughtful design ensures that the kitchen and butler's pantry work in tandem, reflecting Benchmark Homes' commitment to crafting spaces that are both visually appealing and practical.

Tranquil Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a tranquil retreat that seamlessly integrates comfort and sophistication, echoing the architectural elegance of the main living area with its scissor trusses. The room is bathed in natural light, emphasising warm interior colour schemes that create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. A spacious walk-in wardrobe ensures ample storage, embodying the practicality synonymous with Benchmark Homes' approach. The ensuite is a masterpiece of design, adorned with beautiful terrazzo tiles, giving a sense of luxury. The interplay of textures and lighting, including LED accents, elevates the ambiance, creating a serene haven within the home. The combination of thoughtful design elements in the master bedroom, ensuite, and walk-in wardrobe showcases Benchmark Homes' dedication to crafting spaces that embody both style and functionality.

Redefining Modern Living

13 Oakbridge Boulevard serves as a showcase of Benchmark Homes' commitment to redefining modern living. From the distinctive pavilion-style design to the meticulous division of spaces and thoughtful details, this house highlights our dedication to crafting homes that seamlessly blend urban aesthetics with practical functionality.

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