Virtual Reality

Using technology to make the process easier

When it comes to building, technology has long been influencing materials, construction methods and even project management, and now technology is changing the way we design our homes. Here at Benchmark Homes we offer a fully immersive virtual reality service to our clients.  


As a ‘Design and Build Company’ we think this offers a better way to visualise plans and are proud to be one of the only residential home builders in NZ providing this as a service.


Virtual reality is a technology which creates a simulated – computer generated environment. But unlike traditional computer graphics VR places the user inside the experience instead of looking at the experience through a screen. Modern VR technology is able to simulate sight, sound, touch and movement in the virtual world making the experience truly immersive and engaging.​


Below are a few homes that have been presented in virtual reality to our clients.  To discuss this technology and how you could use it for your new build please contact us.

Tullis – Milns Park
Hurle – Stoneridge Downs
Chisnall – Oxford
Linney – Faringdon
 Reynolds – Holland Park